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Terms & Conditions 

Our Terms and Conditions are to protect us both, you don't get to stay in business since 1984 unless you attract repeat clients.

Please note from June 2018 HCC no longer supplies to the public. We will link to Trusted resellers.

If you're unsure about any aspect of our terms & conditions please let us know before you order.

• By placing an order you are confirming you agree to our terms & conditions, just as if you'd actually signed an agreement.

Orders, Payments & Meanings

Clarification of meanings, Your rights, Placing Orders, Payments, Prices & Special Offers
2.1 Meanings:- "You" meaning the person, company or agent for any person, company or legal entity using this web site. 

• The name you used when you registered on this site also. "us" "we" means the same as homecinemasound/central.com.au (registered business name of) of Australian Interactive Multimedia (AIM) Pty. Ltd. our employees, agents, suppliers & associates connected with this web site, and the products therein.

2.2 You agree to the extent permitted by law, that you will abide by all terms conditions herein, should you fail to understand a condition or not agree with a term or condition (The words Term(s) and Condition(s) should be considered interchangeable) you should not order or purchase anything from us until your concerns have been addressed by us in writing. 

• Clarification points like this " • " shall be considered terms or conditions you agree to and with.

2.3 All statements, conditions or terms herein are agreed to by you before you place an order with us. 
• If you do not agree with something please Contact us for clarification. (Pages like this are written for worst case situations and we rarely need to rely upon them.)

Orders & Payments

3.0 Please check full product details (by clicking on title text link in search results) before placing order. 
• Sometimes prices are limited offers and/or a surcharge to the indicated total will apply when we process the order so the indicted price is not the final price. Such conditions are clearly marked. Price may only available via certain payment methods. 
• There could be special offers, features etc. If in doubt please Contact us.

• Images are for illustration only.

The product may be different or come in different packaging. Please check with the manufacturer or us BEFORE you order if you consider it a problem.

3.1 We sell and ship within Australia Only.

3.2 By placing an order you make us an offer to us to purchase the products you have selected.

3.3 Products herein shall be construed as invitation to treat only, and not constitute an offer by homecinemasound/central.com.au.

3.4 Orders placed on the weekend or on a Public holiday will not be processed until the next business day.

3.5 You agree that title to the products you purchased from us will only pass or be transferred to you when we receive cleared payment in full for the products, delivery, card and all fees as per the order placed with us by you. 
• Special homecinemasound/central.com.au offers such as free items or special prices for extra items purchased at the same time must be claimed at time of purchase by following the procedure stated, (often add to cart and enter discount code at checkout) we will not simply supply them even if you mention the offer(s) in your comments. 
• Delivery for extra items is not free, it gets calculated like any other item. 
• If you fail to claim a free offer you lose it.

• Free gifts & rewards nay not come with support or warranty but are new in boxes where applicable.

3.6 You are the owner of the credit card used if that is your method of payment. 
• If you are using someone else's credit card or PayPal account you must inform us of this when you place order(s) in the comments section of the shopping cart checkout.

3.7 Payment for purchases can be made by: 
• Visa, AXEX, MasterCard, PayPal, B-Pay or Direct Deposit. 
• Direct Deposit (Funds may need up to 3 days to clear, normally 1-2 days..) • We may require you to fax us both sides of your card with your signature. 
• There may be a card or payment method surcharge, if so you'll see it on the summary page during checkout. 
• You can avoid such surcharges by paying via BPay or DD. On some products the margins are so tight we can't afford to absorb the bank credit card charges they charge us.

We could put the price of items up and pretend you're not charged but at the end of the day if we're charged we must pass it on to you to keep our prices as low as possible, and it's optional you can pay by DD/BPay.

• Cleared cheque or Bank cheque before order is processed 
• Cash via prior arrangement 
• Government Purchase order in writing 
• We don't offer C.O.D. 
• 14 day account by prior arrangement (very rare, we're sick of chasing money, on such small margins it's not worth the effort!)

3.8 All transactions are in Australian Dollars ($-AUD).

"Savings" (35% off RRP) are based on our systems RRP price which my be incorrect.

Above example and all similar icons be incorrect so please notify us if you find any errors.

It's best to cross check the data if it would affect your purchase decision. 

Price comparisons (7 Day Average) can be incorrect.
3.9 homecinemasound/central.com.au may update or change this web site including product specifications, prices, terms and conditions of sale without notice. • Most conditions herein can be altered or deleted, even added (by mutual agreement in writing, e-mail) before you purchase. See section 9.

We abide by your Statutory rights & the Trade Practices Act.

• If conditions, statements or claims on our site or information supplied by us in other forms contradicts your rights under the act(s) the act(s) take precedence over our conditions, statements or claims. 
See Statutory rights & Trade Practices Act 1974 at the ACCC web site.

If you have a concern it's best to ask for clarification in writing before you purchase.

As a purchaser you too have obligations under the act(s).

You may also like to see the proof we've been in business since 1984 at the ASIC web site.

You don't get to stay in business that long by being unreasonable with clients.

Prices, Shipping & Signing for delivery

Delivery Times, Signing for Goods, Back orders, Multiple warehouse orders, Holiday delays, Stock levels etc.
4.1 Sign for delivery requirements.

Orders from more than one warehouse/supplier items may arrive on different days. Couriers won't call you. Better to use a work address.

• You must sign for delivery that the goods arrived without damage. 
• Only sign a courier's docket for what they deliver don't sign for items you did not get. 
• Do not sign for goods that appear to be damaged, make a note of the driver, docket number and contact us. 
• Total order may be shipped when all items are in stock.

4.2 Weight is a "Class" (depends on size, cubed volume and value) it may not be actual weight.

4.3 All delivery prices include GST.

4.4 Out of stock all items will be sent once in stock. 
• Normally 7-14 working days plus processing and delivery time, unless we contact you.

4.5 Using several warehouses. 
• If your order is from several suppliers/warehouses there can be more than one delivery for your order. We keep the best selling items in OUR warehouse. 

4.6 If you have special conditions or need to give the courier special instructions please let us know in the space provided when you place order.

4.7 An item is missing from my shipment what do I do? 
• Don't sign for items you've not received. 
• If the docket says 3 items but there are only 2 make sure you note this and have the courier give you proof. • You must Contact us via e-mail the day your order arrives. 
• Multi-warehouse orders can cause a few days difference in delivery times. (Please consider this before you contact us asking where the rest of your order is..) 
• Sometimes we wait for all goods to arrive to our warehouse before shipping (to keep delivery costs lower) so please let us know (in comments section) if you don't want us to do this. 
• We may then contact you with updated delivery quote.

4.8 Express Delivery time frames from order & payment confirmation: 
• Sydney or Melbourne – normally 1-2 business days • Regional NSW, regional Victoria, Adelaide, regional SA or Brisbane – normally within 5-7 business days. 
• Perth and Tasmania – normally within 7 business days. 
• Regional Queensland, regional WA or Northern Territory – normally within 14 business days.

4.9 Delivery times don't include order processing time which starts after receipt of cleared funds for order processing. 
• This is important for payments by Direct Deposit, cheque or where cards have insufficient funds.

4.10 Note Standard delivery adds on average 1-2 working days, also we can't and don't guarantee that we will deliver within these time frames as couriers can have delays etc. 
• If the delivery time changes to more than 14 days we will contact you via e-mail or telephone with the details.

4.11 If for some reason we can't supply your order (or part thereof) within a reasonable amount of time and/or the quoted price: • We may supply a full/part refund, (part if some of the order was supplied, for the missing item(s). 

• You may choose a credit note.

4.12 We can't accept liability for any other loss or damage arising as a result of failure to supply your order.

4.13 We reserve the right not to supply (not accept your offer) without giving a reason.

4.14 Country & Rural deliveries for products not in our warehouse may need to be delivered to our warehouse first to keep delivery charges as low as possible. • Sent to you as one combined delivery, this may add a few days to delivery time.

4.15 We don't guarantee the delivery dates (other than maximum time frames 4.11) however, almost all deliveries are on-time or early. 
• If the delivery time frames change from above, we will contact you via e-mail or telephone with details. 
• All stock inventory systems have a delay (from around 30 min to days) which will from time to time result in a back order. Stock level indicators can be incorrect, especially if stock is located in a warehouse not owned by us. • We strive to keep all data as accurate and current as possible. 
• Please see about where we explain why we keep our own stock to minimise delivery & supply problems and what can go wrong.

4.16 Lead time for products marked as "This is not a stocked item" "Back order" (or similar) means days added to delivery time.  Back orders generally add up to 14 days to delivery time, any longer and we will contact you. 
• Please don't contact us about your Back Order before 14 days. Please check order status under your account. 
• See 4.8 and add lead time days as noted in product description.

4.17 Christmas and New Year. 

When you order close to Christmas you run the risk of late deliveries as courier companies can get overloaded and/or shut down for some time over the Christmas and New Year break. 

• Orders can take up to 3 weeks during this period, this is rare but it can happen. 
• If your order is for a gift or urgent contact us before you order by e-mail to confirm our delivery status.

Courier / Delivery charges & Insurance

How to get a delivery quote, Charges for re-delivery and Ways to avoid problems.

6.1 Courier Charges & Insurance & handling fees are not refundable. 
• You can get a delivery quote in your Cart however the quoted price (or free) is subject to change (some areas cost a fortune to deliver to or are unavailable for delivery) we will notify you in this case. Insurance & handling is a small flat percentage (see checkout summary) this charge is not negotiable. 
• We reserve the right to contact you with an updated delivery quote before we accept your order. 
• If you enter the wrong address we will not be liable for the loss of your order, we will only resend the product to the correct address at your expense. 
• Note our shopping cart allows you to save several addresses, say work and home.

6.2 We reserve the right to contact you with an updated delivery or goods quotation.

6.3 Should there be a problem with supply which would blow out stated delivery times by more than 14 days we will offer to refund you, a credit, alternative or back order. 
• It's your choice. Refunds are done within 2 working days.

6.4 If a product is not in stock we will inform you of the expected delivery time. Note Standard delivery adds on average 1-2 working days to delivery time.

Please be home, or better still choose your work address

6.6 If you're not home when the courier calls or you've made an error on your address, there will be a re-delivery fee which you hereby agree to pay. 
• You may need to attend the nearest courier depot or post office which you agree to do if necessary and/or you wish to avoid a re-delivery fee. 
• For this reason it's sometimes better to have the delivery made to your work address.

6.7 We may alter the delivery method at our absolute discretion.

6.8 We don't guarantee delivery times or days. If your order is urgent contact us before placing order. 
• Airports can close, trucks can break down. We use reputable delivery companies but problems can happen.

Returning & Repairing faulty products

Whatever shop you buy from if a NEW product is faulty you must return it and/or follow their "DOA" procedure, here is ours:-

7.1 If a product is faulty or "Dead On Arrival" (DOA or Faulty on arrival is up to 14 days from delivery only). 
• You agree to first contact the manufacturer for support, they will be able to fix it, supply another, offer a DOA/RAN* number. 
• *We will need this number if we are going to replace it. 
• Most times you can confirm DOA with the manufacturer over the phone. • Often there is nothing wrong with the product, you may need support from them installing etc. 
• It may be faster to drop a faulty product into an authorised repair center.

7.2 Warranty does not apply to free gifts as we offer no warranty on them. * RA = Return Authorisation Number

7.3 RA paperwork where applicable • We're happy to get a RA number on your behalf if you're sure the item is faulty. 
• Please Contact us via e-mail with as all the information (note we require e-mail so we have a record of what was said, please do not telephone us..) you can provide to help us expedite the process. 
• We will contact you as soon as we have the DOA/RAN/RA number & arrange for the replacement(s) as outlined herein. 
• The above may add a week onto the process.

• As an example of why we ask you to do a bit of research with the manufacturer (and read the documentation) before you declare an item faulty, we recently had a DVD duplicator returned but it turned out the user put two disks in (one on top of the other) in a single burner.. That's why it was making a noise!

7.4 Who pays for couriers? 
• You must pay freight, packing & insurance back to us. 
• We will not be responsible if it's lost in transit. 
• With any store you must take faulty items back. Nobody sends a courier to you. Even if you drive it yourself it would most likely cost you the same in petrol & time. 
• We pay to have another sent to you. 
• We may choose to refund your purchase at our absolute discretion however delivery charges are not refunded.

7.5 How do I return a non-faulty product? 
• First see 7.10 below. 

Contact us for a homecinemasound/central.com.au RAN* number you can not return anything without this number. 
• * Return Authorisation Number, issued by us. 
• This assumes the product is new and unopened. 
• RAN numbers are offered at our absolute discretion as per 7.6 below.

7.6 Returning unopened products within 30 days: 
• - Excludes Software which can't be returned open or not. 
• You agree to pay a re-stocking fee of 25% you must also pay for delivery of goods to us in new & unopened condition with all packaging, accessories, manuals and components.

7.7 Re-stocking returns are only valid for 30 days from purchase date only.

• It would be better for everyone to choose carefully so please contact us if there is any doubt about your purchase. Contact us

7.8 You can't cancel your order EXCEPT: 
• (a) If we notify you that a product was not in stock (regardless of stock status). 
• (b) If you agree to pay our re-stocking fee (as per 7.10 above) and agree to pay for delivery of goods to us in new unopened condition. 
• Re-stocking is only valid for 14 days from purchase. 
• Excludes software which we never take back opened or not and delivery charges.

7.9 Below cancellation option is at our absolute discretion: 
• (c) If the product has not yet been dispatched and/or no paperwork has been generated plus we will not incur costs from our suppliers for cancelling your order which basically means you must be very fast..

Government Purchase Orders


• We accept Government Purchase orders. 
There may be an account charge added to the total. 
• Includes Schools etc. 
We've been approved as a Commonwealth Government Supplier via our parent company: 
• - Australian Interactive Multimedia Pty. Ltd. (AIM) ABN 33 006 341 760.

Price Matching

We strive to have the low genuine prices, if you find one lower you can ask us to match or better it before you buy.

7.10 You can't return a product because you've changed your mind or you think you've found it cheaper elsewhere.

• Shop around first before you order if you think you've seen a better Genuine price please let us know (see below). 
• Do we offer a Price Match?

Yes. For genuine prices with actual stock you can pick up, not Gray Market (private/company imports not via the Australian channel). 
• We also look at the checkout price, for example we've seen cheap prices on bar code scanners but some charges > $70 for delivery of a small item and/or a $40 surcharge. 
• homecinemasound/central.com.au free offers are NOT available with price match quotes.

We don't match prices from companies that consistently get bad feedback on forums in relation to taking your money then failing to supply and/or delaying your refund.

 -- Please Google the name of the shop and whirlpool (i.e. "Bengali whirlpool") to get a heads up.

Our Terms & Conditions apply too because most suppliers don't want to sell below cost if they want to stay in business. Sometimes what looks cheap is not if you go through their checkout.

• We do not offer price match refunds after you've purchased.

7.11 You purchased the wrong product. What can you do?

• We supplied what you ordered but you made an error choosing the part number etc. 
• See 7.6. If you're going to purchase another product we will see what we can do for you. 7.12 We may also accept a return if: 
• - We did not supply what you've ordered. 
• You can choose from (1) Credit (2) Replacement* (3) Refund. 
*Subject to stock availability.

GST & Other Charges

How to avoid card charges, you can't avoid the GST.

8.1 Do I have to pay sales tax? Yes 10% called GST, no exceptions.

8.2 Can I choose not to pay the Insurance & handling charge? 
• It's only small but it protects us both.

8.3 We have a card & Pay Pal and insurance surcharge. 
• At such low margins we can't avoid this as we're charged by the banks etc. If we built it into the price we would not be as competitive. Most of our competitors also add charges during the checkout process. It's the total price that you need to consider.

8.4 Can you avoid card surcharges? 
• Yes. Pay us by DD (Direct Deposit) or BPay then we're not charged (as much) so we don't charge you. 
• BPay normally clears in two working days. 
• DD payments can take up to 3 days to clear, your order will not start the processing cycle till payments are cleared.

8.5 Minimum charge total for orders is $20. 8.6 Dishonour Fees. 
• You agree to pay banking or Pay Pal transaction dishonour fees plus $30 handling charge.

Product Support and Special conditions

Does the product have to do a particular job and you're not sure it will? 

Who offers support?

9.1 If there is a special condition that you wish to hold us to, such as "It must be able to do XYZ" and you can't confirm that ability with the manufacturer; you must get our agreement in writing before you place your order. 
• If it's not in writing we didn't say it, this protects us both. 
• It's no use telling us after you've made the purchase. 
• We may choose not to supply, especially if you're going against our recommendation.

9.2 We may put special conditions in the products information such as "This product is sold on a non return basis" "Stock is limited" (So regardless of stock indication we may not be able to supply) 
• We reserve the right to supply a later model, so please read the product information carefully as you agree to be bound by any conditions included in the product information or specifications.

Support policy

9.4 We do not offer product support. 
• It's up to you to be sure the product will do what you expect and consult with the manufacturer (normally their web page) should you have any support issues. Having said that, if we know the answer we will be happy to help.

9.5 We are offering extra service for people who would don't seek the lowest possible price on all items.

9.6 We offer a free demonstration service on some items, arranged by appointment.

Privacy Statement & Security

Privacy Statement. We don't give out your details to others
10.1 In accordance with the Guidelines issued by the Australian Privacy Commissioner, homecinemasound/central.com.au provides the following privacy statement.

Information Recorded

Our service providers may record when you visit this site the following information for statistical purposes: 
• The date and time of your visit to the site; 
• The pages accessed and documents downloaded; 
• The type of browser that you use; 
• Data of a similar nature to the above.

10.2 No attempt will be made to identify users browsing this site, however, your IP address is stored if you place an order. You may elect to have your personal data stored on our server to save re-entering it next time you visit. e-mail homecinemasound/central.com.au will only use your e-mail address for the purpose for which you have provided it and will not be added to any external mailing list. 
• From Spam Act 2003.. You agree there is an inferred consent for us to be able to send you information by e-mail based on our business relationship.

This means we can e-mail you details of offers etc. Use the unsubscribe facility should you not want be sent information in future. You have used our web site subject to our terms & conditions but we don't want to lose you as a client so we do listen to you.

Phone number

10.3 We record your phone number to call you back if you've send it to us in a message or provided it with your order.

No genuine phone number = no order.

We must be able to do a security check. 
• It will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and will not be added to any external mailing list. 
• If you place an order with us we keep your phone number as your account number (so it's easy for you to remember) and we may call you with offers related to your purchase (i.e. toner bundles for your colour laser) but this is not a regular process, it's normally via e-mail which you can opt out of.

For our use only

10.4 We will not use any information you disclose to us for any other purpose that to do business with you. We will not disclose your information to anyone else not concerned with the supply of your order without your consent. 
• Couriers will need to know your address. 

• We may contact you at a later time if we believe we have information that may interest you unless you expressly exclude this option upon contacting us.

10.5 From time to time we may send you a promotional offer(s), you can always opt-out by clicking on remove options.

10.6 Upon request your e-mail address will be removed from our system, as we would not have divulged it to any other person or company you can rest assured that you will not regret giving us your details in the first place.

10.7 We will only publish personal information on this site if it has been collected for this purpose with your knowledge or if you have consented to the disclosure. When giving such consent you should be aware that information published on this site is accessible to millions of users from all over the world, that search engines will index it and that it may be copied and used by any web user.

We always alter your address so you can't be identified by web crawling robots that farm e-mail addresses. Information submitted by you containing your personal details becomes the property of homecinemasound/central.com.au. 
• This means that, once the information is published on this site, (not your address etc.) we will have no control over its subsequent use and disclosure. If you do not want your comments published please advise us when writing.

Information Security

10.8 homecinemasound/central.com.au recognises that there can be risks associated with the transmission of information over the Internet, we use industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for all credit cards transactions. 
• We do not keep your credit card information on our server - we use eWay Australia, a PCI DSS compliant, processor for all transactions. 
Our staff never see your credit card information.

Security Checks

10.9 You agree we may call you for a security check (so please be sure to provide a correct telephone number). 
• This is less likely for e-mail addresses such as your name @ yourcompany . com . au or your name @ bigpond . com etc. as opposed to notmycard @ hotmail . com. 
• Also less likely where your phone number matches your street address.

Spam Act

10.10 We comply with the Spam Act (Australia) If we send you promotional e-mails, you will be able to stop us sending you any more by simply replying with the word delete in the heading. 
• Most of our communication with you will be by e-mail (eg: regarding your Order, delivery and other information). 
• You agree as part of your acceptance of these terms that you allow us to send you e-mails for such purposes.

Reviews and Specifications, Disclaimers, Copyright & Applicable Law

Page content on homecinemasound/central.com.au is provided in good faith however it's up to you to cross check if required:-

11.1 All reviews written by us or re-published on this site are covered by this statement: "..This review contains statements of pure opinion and fair comments made in good faith in the interest of the public by homecinemasound/central.com.au or the writers.." 
• To ascertain the facts please do your own research. 
• There may also be quotes from and/or links to external sources please see their disclaimers.
• Specifications can be incorrect; they are subject to change without notice. 
Please check with manufacturer.


12.1 Some effort has been made to ensure accuracy and to the best of our knowledge information on homecinemasound/central.com.au is correct and accurate. 
• However to the extent permissible by law, we and our suppliers don't make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, we don't guarantee that our web site or any data therein is free from errors. 
• We can guarantee there will be errors if you look hard enough as data is at some stage entered by humans who will make mistakes.

12.2 We won't be liable for any inaccuracies, errors or faults whatsoever. 
• Please double check the information with us or the manufacturer if it's considered important to you. 
• We will not be held liable by you for any loss suffered in connection with the use of this web site or the use of any product or service you purchase from this web site.

12.3 Errors & Omissions Exempted E.& O.E. 
• This applies to all text, data, prices, pages & images on this site. 
• E. & O.E. is agreed to mean if there is an error say in the price or description etc. you can't hold us responsible. 
• You agree that errors can happen so for example we won't supply you something worth $500 for $5 if we're aware of the error before we complete the transaction. Top

Applicable Law

13.1 These/Our Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws in force Victoria, Australia and any courts which may hear appeals from those courts. 

Dispute Resolution

14.1 You agree to contact us in writing (send e-mail first) to try and resolve disputes by agreement. 
• Should both parties fail to agree on a resolution within 30 days from your contact whereby you've set out your complaint in writing you hereby agree that the dispute resolution procedures of VCAT shall be used. 
• VCAT stands for Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Deals with disputes about consumer matters, credit, discrimination, domestic building, guardianship/administration, residential/retail etc.) 
• The last thing we want is to be involved in legal action or have unhappy clients however we will not agree to unreasonable demands so choosing for an independent 3rd party (VCAT) to decide if we both can't come to some compromise arrangement.

Copyright and Trade Marks

15.1 Copyright for this web site is enforced to the full extent of the law. 
• This includes copyright material, trademarks and registered trademarks which are the property of us and third parties. 
• This material may only be used for the purposes of browsing our web site and purchasing products. 
• Trade Marks, Brands, Logos are the property of their respective owners. 
• You may link to our reviews without written consent.