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HCC In stock now! TRUE 4k from BenQ with the W11000

BenW W11000 true 4k Price and Review

Stock is limited, contact us for installer trade pricing.

Coming soon BenQ X12000 DCI-P3 LED Home Theatre Projector.

If your budget is somewhat lower but you still want a first rate calibrated home cinema projector consider the BenQ W3000.

We've got a special offer going while stocks last. This offer is for the projector with a 2 year BenQ warranty.

HCC And the winners are..


The annual Sound+Image Awards dinner has been an essential event in the calendar of the audio-visual industry for more than 25 years. Held every year since 1989, the prestigious Sound+Image Awards recognise excellence in the design, manufacture and installation of audio, home entertainment and incar equipment. This year's winners, the 2017 Sound+Image Awards, were announced on October 19th at a gala Presentation Dinner held at the Hotel Intercontinental The Rialto in Melbourne. 

HCC Projectors offer the best value

Whereas Flat Screen TVs can be big mirrors..

Reflections in flat screen TVs

A friend of our asked "What  do you think of the picture" and we didn't have the heart to tell him
that his new 60 inch 4K TV was hopeless compared to a projector, at least in the way he was using it. 

  • It was an LG but all brands would have the same problem.
  • The first thing we noticed was the massive reflections of the windows in the room. The movie playing from Netflix (StarWars) was so pixelated it seemed the 4k was making it worse.

    Projectors don't reflect.

    The screens or wall that is, also projectors generally seem to handle low res content better. Projectors offer an IMPRESSIVE sized image for the same money or less money that you'd spend on a 60 inch mirror!

    HCC Home Cinema / Theatre - Gaming Projectors what's best?

    We're often asked "what is the best projector" the answer depends on your situation. 

    If you've got a well lit or bright room, say a business or board room or lounge room (that's not light controlled) you'll need a brighter projector (more ANSI lumens) than one designed for the lounge or home theatre. Sound systems are the same, there is not one that's right for every situation. If you're after a very good system to go with a top line projector in a home theatre please contact us for a bundle price including delivery.

    The Projection Screen can make a big difference too. 

    The size and aspect ratio of the screen relates back to the projectors specifications, location and the lighting. 
    If you want performance & value you can't go past the higher end "best' Epson EH TW9300 however
    that's only one projector in the Epson projector range and now you have alternatives with the likes of BenQ with their W8000 and W11000 which is true 4k.

    Epson offer a lot of value in their lower cost, bright gaming (not too shabby Home Theatre either) EH-TW 5300 Projector

    HCC 3 Whole Years from Ben..

    BenQ are offering (Via dealer upgrade) 3 year warranty upgrade for their new W1090, W8000, W1110 &  W2000 projectors,
    an upgrade from 24 to 36 months with an RRP of $199.

    BenQ premium dealers may offer this warranty uplift free if you ask them for it. 

    Later this year BenQ will be launching a new multi purpose projector aimed at the home lounge room sports and gaming market. The new BenQ W1090 projector, it will boast 1080P + Sound with a handy short throw of 2.5m for 100 inch screen. Then there is the BenQ W8000, the Epson TW8300 and TW9300 true black level / CR killer..

    3 Year Warranty takes BenQ to a new level it's only possible because of the much improved projector build quality.

    Home Theatre Prices  Did you know?

    Epson make the 3-LCD light engines that many other brands use, we figure they'd know how to get the best from it. 
    Did you know that for example Panasonic (now RIP for home cinema) used Epson 3-LCD in their Home Cinema projectors. 

    BenQ DLP projectors are fighting back with their new range of projectors for Q2 2016 (W1110 & W2000)
    ..from the Sound Image Award they just one it's going to be exciting times. Epson are not happy!

    Sound And Image Awards


    The 2016 Sound+Image Awards were announced at our Presentation Dinner on November 25th at the Grace hotel in Sydney.

    Epson and BenQ are over the top with their counter claims and example images showing (simulated) how the other brand's projection method is not as good as theirs. With your choice a lot depends on the viewers perception, the viewing  application and the actual Projector model. Don't be fooled by the impressive numbers on the box, especially with Epson who've gone a bit overboard with their marketing.

     See also W1110 Special Offer
     2 x DGD5-3D Glasses Free (RRP $256) on 3 models.

    HCC having tested several later model BenQ projectors believe that for most people the dreaded DLP "Rainbows" are no longer a problem, this is thanks to faster colour wheel speed and the image processing. HCC offers an option to swap DLP for LCD if you're one of the few that for whatever reason aren't completely happy. See each products page for offer details, where available.

    3-lcd projectors  The largest selling home cinema projectors brands all use 3-LCD technology

    3-LCD colours are up to three times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors. The Epson EH-TW6600W and EH-TW8200 using 3-LCD are selling well and hard to pass for their respective prices.  That said, not all people want to go all out on Epson's EH TW8300 Epson claim 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for their new 4k simulation projectors, (8300 / 9300) you'll find that's not the case in useful viewing modes.

    Home Theatre & Gaming powerhouse

    Save some money before the new Epson EH-TW6700 is released at a higher price with the Epson EH TW6600W.

    Projector Offers

    THX HD Certified DLP 4K UHD Projector Brings Authentic Cinematic Performance to Your Own Home Cinema.  Call for best or Trade price..


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