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Home Cinema

Home Cinema & Gaming Projectors Prices Reviews

Introduction to Home Cinema

For light controlled (Home Theatre) rooms you'll buy a "Home Cinema" or Theatre projector.

They don't need to be as bright as data or "lounge room" projectors, what they lack in ANSI (how you measure) brightness they make up for in fine shadow detail. There are so many numbers printed on the box that mean nothing in real life. Think about how big the dots are on a bill board yet you don't see them! There is no one correct answer it depends on your budget, use and location you intend to project into. 

Don't get carried away with contrast ratio. If you can't see the image because the projector is not bright enough for your room's ambient light then CR means exactly nothing. The better the projector the less they need to lie to you on the box? Most projectors have a NATIVE contrast ratio less than 10,000:1 so massive increases from this starting point are achieved with smoke and mirrors so to speak!

We've had people return both LCD and DLP projectors because they did not like the image, if your last projector was LCD consider sticking to that now you're used to it, same for DLP. LCD needs to have all 3 panels in alignment, single chip DLP does not have that to consider, rather all colours are projected in very quick sequence from the same fixed staring point. Most people never notice. Video (all really) movies etc. are also shown one after the other (FPS), you perceive a smooth moving image.

HCC BenQ's W2000 (Won PJ of the year 2016 2k>) is a step up from the very capable W1090 Home Cinema Projector.

For value both are hard to beat. 

Sound And Image Awards 

And the winner is..

On a budget but want REAL VALUE? See the W1090 this projectors offers a lot for the money!
..and there is a Step Up around the same price!

HCC  4k? Real 4k that is..

BenQ W11000 4k projector review price
Only one in a reasonable price range that's also THX-HD certified and that's the BenQ W11000

You'll need a GENUINE Australian Warranty!

..because complicated high performance projectors can every now and then break down.
It may only be 1 in 100 that is "DOA" but that's when you don't want to be hit up for $300 to send it back OS.

Read their fine print many trick you and you have to send it back to them, if they are still around.

Links from HCC do not have this problem they are ALL genuine Aussie Warranty..

HCC See also Data Projectors
HCC Home Theatre Complete Packages

Data Projectors are often used for Business presentations are suitable for movies or watching sport however in a dedicated home theatre room, home cinema projectors on this page are much better. As a general rule Data projectors are brighter but less subtle in a dark room.

Don't know what to choose?  Contact us

Top selling 1080P 3LCD 3D projectors in Australia by Epson

HCC EPSON make the 3-LCD panels so they know how to get the most out of them.

Epson EH TW 8300 price TW9300

If you're looking for an amazing 1080P (not 4K) projector that's Top of the Range you can't go past the Epson EH TW8300

3-lcd projectors

Epson's 3-LCD Sets the standard for value in Home Theater Projectors.

Epson make most of the light engines for home theatre / cinema projectors they are known as 3-LCD

So when it comes to your buying decision consider what features you need and your budget.

Epson make the 3-LCD light engine that many other brands use, we figure they'd know how to get the best from it. 
We mention this because you may not know that for example Panasonic often use Epson LCDs in their projectors. 

HCC  Gaming projectors

Input lag time and brightness are the key factors for gamers. 
Please check out this video from BenQ on the W1210ST. 


Home Theatre Projectors at

Epson EH-TW6700 Projector
Epson EH-TW6700

Full High Definition, 3D home cinema featuring 3000 lumens brightness and a contrast ratio of 70,000:1
In stock


BenQ W8000 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W8000

Superb quality home cinema experience with THX certification
In stock


BenQ W11000 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W11000

BenQ - THX Certified DLP 4K UHD Projector Brings Authentic Cinematic Performance to Your Own Home Cinema.
In stock


BenQ W1110 Projector
BenQ W1110

Great value Full HD home theatre projector bundled with 3 X 3D glasses.
In stock


Epson EH-TW8300 Home Theatre Projector
Epson EH-TW8300

High Definition Home Theatre Projector with Ultra Black Levels
In stock


BenQ W1700 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W1700

True 4K not Enhanced for this price is AMAZING
In stock


Epson EH-TW5600 Projector
Epson EH-TW5600

Home Cinema on a budget
In stock


BENQ W1110 Home Theatre Projector
BENQ W1110

New rounded modern look, 50% more contrast than W1080
In stock


BenQ W1090 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W1090

Get Absorbed by the Splendor of the Big Screen ..with Big sound built in!
In stock


Data Projectors

Epson EB-U42 Data Projector
Epson EB-U42

Basic data projector
In stock


Epson EB S31 Data Projector
Epson EB S31

EB-S31 has 3,200lm color light output, SVGA (4:3) resolution and 15,000:1 contrast. You can enjoy beautiful and clear images wherever you go without worrying about ambient light levels.
In stock


Projection Screens Fixed and Pull Down

Epson Portable 80 Projector Screen
Epson Portable 80

Floor standing tripod projector screen with shoulder bag
In stock


Present It 96 Projector Screens
Present It 96

Free standing portable tripod projector screen
In stock


Longhorn Lumiere 110 Projector Screens
Longhorn Lumiere 110

Lumiere 16:9 ratio premium widescreen with micro ripple technology
In stock


Longhorn Lumiere 100 Projector Screen
Longhorn Lumiere 100

Lumiere 16:9 ratio premium widescreen with micro ripple technology
In stock


DNP Supernova 92 Projector Screens
DNP Supernova 92

Put simply you can keep the lights on so your projector performs like a 100" Plasma or LCD if not a lot better.
In stock


Showtime Deluxe 100" Projector Screens
Showtime Deluxe 100"

Showtime Premium projector screens feature high quality flocked velour frame and twin layered fine grain matte screen surface.
In stock