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EDITORS CHOICE It's not all about the numbers printed on the box..

From 4-5m back it's very hard to see the difference between 4K and 1080HD.

ViewSonic PX727-4K UHD Projector with HDR and Dual HDMI

Viewsonic 4K UHD Home Theatre Projector
Enjoy the vivid detail of true 4K Ultra HD with 4x the clarity of Full HD. 
With 8.3 million pixels being projected onto your screen via XPR technology, PX727-4K meets the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) standards for 4K Ultra HD certification.

..Take IMAX for example they are all THX (for the colours) but only use 2-4K dots for a screen size of 22 x 16m. The smaller the screen the less dots needed. Your projection screen may be 1/10th of IMAX. From any distance you can see how accurate the colours are, so you may need to decide between more dots and more accurate colours if your budget is $2,000-$3,000 range.

panasonic-152-inch TV

So how to you get a MASSIVE 300 inch (25 foot) Screen?


300 inch projection screen size

You can't get it with and LCD TV but use say a BenQ 4K TK800 / ViewSonic TK727 and you can have almost life size images in your lounge room! 

HCC teams up with Mr. Antenna

Mr Antenna has technicians that service Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with all antenna and audio visual needs.  Their  technicians are highly skilled and trained in all aspects of their field.  Mr Antennas simple booking procedure ensures a seamless process and local technician to service you installation. 
Mr. Antenna for Projector instillation  

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Entry Level True 4K BenQ TK800 Sports Projector.

  • The TK800 is basically a W1700 tuned for brighter colours in well lit rooms. 


Did you know.. True 4K vs Epson's Enhancement..

True vs. Fake 4K

HCC True 4K - Deal of the month! 

FREE UPGRADE to "Lamp Free" BenQ X12000 (While stocks last)

BenQ W11000 at AIM


Epson and the rest have forgotten?

See this review that came out after Our Contrast Ratio review

This does not mean any projectors are bad..

An affordable TRUE (not "enhanced") 4K projector at last!

True 4K not "enhanced"

BenQ W1700 4K HDR CineHome Projector with CinematicColor™ technology expands the thrill of giant screen visuals in your living room. Gather your friends and family in front of the stunning 4K HDR images with immense video and resounding audio enhancement to enjoy an authentic digital cinema experience.


  • True 4K UHD 8.3M Pixel resolution
  • Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with Projector-Optimized HDR
  • BenQ CinematicColor™ Technology for supreme colors
  • >96% Rec.709 with Optimized RGBRGB Color Wheel
  • Auto Vertical Keystone Correction

Ask about the HCC special extended offers when you contact AIM for more information

BenQ W1090 vs. Epson EH TW5300 (Basically the same as TW5600)

HCC Tips for buying on the net and getting a delivery

If you're spending thousands on the web it may be worthwhile considering a company like
our ausmedia.com.au that's been going since 1984 and accepts BPAY payments.

Most "so-so" operations don't accept BPAY because it's too hard for them to get approval.

Note Beware of GRAY MARKET as some tell fibs about the real warranty, always read the fine print.

HCC New or updated & Reviews

W2700 Projector 4K price

HCC Longhorn Projection Screens are here..

The new Slim Line 2018 range here now!


Lumière by Longhorn

  • The Longhorn Lumière Series Projection Screen is the choice for discerning buyers that want a high-end projection screen without breaking the budget.
  • The Lumière Series has been designed and tested in Australia to exacting standards to ensure you many years of happy viewing. 
  • Only the best quality finishes are used and the result is a stunning looking projection screen with performance to match.
  • When compared to some more expensive projection screens the amount of light leakage is minimal giving you a more efficient gain screen thus enhancing your projection experience.

1 More information please visit longhorn.com.au

Current prices of Longhorn fixed projection screens at AIM

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New BenQ W11000H Home Cinema Projector with HDR