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Because there isn't a projector or sound system etc. that's perfect for every situation and budget, we'll give our Editors' Choice with a caveat like "..for rooms with higher ambient light.." etc.

HCC Tips for buying on the net and getting a delivery

If you're spending thousands on the web it may be worthwhile considering a company like
our that's been going since 1984 and accepts BPAY payments.

Most "so-so" operations don't accept BPAY because it's too hard for them to get approval.

Do they have it?

Ask "Do you Actually have it in stock?"

Note Beware of GRAY MARKET as some tell fibs about the real warranty, always read the fine print.

HCC New or updated & Reviews

Sound And Image Awards

And the winner is..

On a budget but want REAL VALUE? See the W1090 this projectors offers a lot for the money!
..and there is a Step Up around the same price!

HCC  4k? Real 4k that is..

BenQ W11000 4k projector review price
Only one in a reasonable price range that's also THX-HD certified and that's the BenQ W11000.

HCC HD+ For less cash

Epson EBU32 Projector
High Definition
Featuring resolution up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200), Epson’s entry level projectors deliver high quality images and crisp, sharp text without any distortion. And, it makes it easy to display more content. 

You can also display HDTV content at its native resolution with quality that surpasses even that of 1080p devices.

WUXGA resolution is ideal for any application requiring Full Hi-Def, including BluRay content, graphic intensive programs, educational film slides, and any application requiring exceptional detail.

HCC EPSON make the 3-LCD panels so they know how to get the most out of them.

Epson EH TW 8300 price TW9300

If you're looking for an amazing projector that's Top of the Range you can't go past the Epson EH TW8300.

We've never had anyone unhappy with Epson's EH TW8200 Home Cinema Projector (old model hundreds sold by us)

1The new Epsom EH TW8300 is even better and that's not easy! 

HCC Longhorn Projection Screens are here..

The new 2017 range.


Lumière by Longhorn

  • The Longhorn Lumière Series Projection Screen is the choice for discerning buyers that want a high-end projection screen without breaking the budget.
  • The Lumière Series has been designed and tested in Australia to exacting standards to ensure you many years of happy viewing. 
  • Only the best quality finishes are used and the result is a stunning looking projection screen with performance to match.
  • When compared to some more expensive projection screens the amount of light leakage is minimal giving you a more efficient gain screen thus enhancing your projection experience.

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