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Sound Bars the solution to TV Poor sound quality

How to fix bad TV sound?

Nothing worse than a great Flat Panel / LED TV picture with non existent bass and clarity.

Why suffer with sounds like a bad portable AM radio?

But that's what you get with most TVs especially LG, Sony Bravia and Panasonic it seems.

Many TVs sound like they are using $1 speakers like this.. Small speakers


A Sound Bar with a Sub-Woofer and for most people 2.1 is all you really need, that means L+R with the sub woofer.
--Wireless sub saves you having to run wires.

In this case it's a Samsung HW-H450.

Going right to the end the difference can't be overstated. Even using a low cost sound bar like the Samsung HW-H450 before and after sound quality is chalk and cheese. 

I was totally amazed with the difference and my guess is you will be happy also.

This is what you get in the box.

Sound Bar Review

Sound Bar ReviewSound Bar Review

The hardest job is putting up the 2 mounts so they are level, you'll need some wall plugs and screws (4) which in this case were not supplied. I did consider mounting the bar on the bottom of the TV being a different brand it would have involved some messing around but the reason I didn't is the TV mount was already at the limit and I could use the sound bar as a shelf for an IR extender.

Sound Bar Review

Connecting up the sound. I used the optical input if your TV has HDMI out you could go that way too or the old 3.5mm audio cable. Changing the volume on the TV did not change its output volume so I left the TV sound off and re-programmed my Longhorn 4000 Pro remote pictured below (note special price will also apply to sound bars but be quick) so the TV volume now controls the sound bar, problem solved.

4000 Pro programmable remote control

Finished project. 

Sound Bar Review

We made a 10mm hole behind the bar to run the optical and power cables up to behind the TV.

If you could hear the difference you many agree that if the sound quality was say 15/100 before it's now 95/100 and that's using one of the lower cost solutions.