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Epson EH-TW8200 Home Theatre Projector Review

EPSON EH TW 8200W Projector PriceOctober  - 2016 - UPDATE

Editors' Choice HCC Editors' Choice - Serious Home Cinema

Very limited stock still available. 

From a viewing point of view (forget TW9300 "pseudo" 4k and misleading claim of 1,000,000:1 CR) it's almost the same as the new Epson EH TW8300 or TW9300 but way less expensive!

With only minor changes from the previous model the EH TW-8200 has been a real winner for EPSON Australia.

EPSON make the 3LCD light engines most LCD home cinema-theatre projectors use so they know how to get the most out of LCD. 

If you start cutting corners you tend to get "DOA" projectors (Dead on Arrival) like what we feel happened with Panasonic. Thankfully even though the Aussie dollar has fallen you can still pick up a TW8200 under 3K without Epson making any sacrifice in quality. 

We simply don't see DOA projectors from Epson. The worst we've ever seen and it was this year (also on a far lesser model, not that this would explain it) was a "hair" in the box. We believe it was a brush hair not a human hair, in any case the projector was swapped over no fuss.

As at 28/3/16 Epson Japan site has the EH TW8200 as the top of the range model (link here)
..excluding 4k models which are too expensive now.
We hear it will stay the same through much of 2016 after all "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". 

The Epson EH-TW 9200 is in our opinion a "marketing" model, produced so "High End" stores don't have to match web prices. The so called "high end" dealers can't sell the TW8200 quick enough. 

Epson's TW8200 (EH for Epson Home Theatre or Cinema) is a really amazing home theatre projector for the money.

TW8200 is top of the range as you can see by the image below.

EPSON TW8200 EH Australia

Box print engineering is when the printed numbers change (as has happened for years) on all sorts of products. 

A slight change (perceived or real) so you can't price match because the other model is not exactly the same. You've seen this with similar washers and dryers, one button changed and they don't have to match the price of the other 99.99% same model you found elsewhere. (Same for notebooks etc.) A change to warranty conditions and "they" won't match the much lower price you found elsewhere.  So the EH-TW8200 is everything you need at the best price period.

EH TW8200 is slightly better than the previous Epson (not that you'd notice on most content) we've again given the TW8200 series our editors' choice not just for the performance but value. 



3-lcd projectors

EPSON's new EH TW8200 projector uses the most popular light engine "3-LCD". 

When it comes to projector technology, image quality 3LCD is the hallmark of excellence.  

When powerful images are a must, so is a 3LCD projector.  

Projectors that use 3LCD technology are easy on the eyes because they reproduce beautiful images in bright, natural colours with smooth motion and no colour break-up.

3LCD used the new Colour Light Output (Colour Brightness) standard that gives buyers the data they need to compare projectors. Brightness has long been the specification used for projector comparisons; however, the old specification measured only White Light Output.

The vast majority of the projectors today project colour, so measuring White Light Output or White Brightness alone is insufficient.Colour Light Output or Colour Brightness gives projector buyers the data they need and have been missing.EPSON will no doubt release a model EH-TW9200-W this is normal practice allowing vendors to offer an "exclusive distribution" given that no information on the TW9200 projector is available (when there was plenty on the 8200) we suspect the TW9200 can only be a  "market segment" variation which in our opinion means it sounds different but it's basically the same hardware.


Super-resolution technology

Super resolution technique one to improve the perceived resolution of the image blurred by the enlargement processing screen.

Through the processing from the input image of one frame is processed in real time video.

You can by this, DVD video etc. also obtained a high sense of resolution, low-resolution part of the full high-definition video (Portion that blur) also be clear.

Super-resolution technology that is obtained sense of resolution as comfortable.  The new support for 3D video also.

(Note 1) Support 3D Blu-ray software only (frame packing) during playback.

Frame interpolation technology

Automatically generates a frame in the middle when compared before and after the frame (frame), frame interpolation technology. For example, if the image of the original 60 frames, displayed at 120 frames / second by generating, inserting an intermediate screen therebetween. In addition, by the deployment of frame interpolation IC, accuracy and speed of video processing is up. In addition, it also supports 3D video new, even pictures of the sense of speed, can be enjoyed in the beautiful and sharp images.

Color modes

The pre-set colour mode with optimized colour and brightness (luminance) to suit the viewing environment. So enjoy in a state in which brighten the room and "dynamic" and "living" which is recommended for sports watching.

For dark rooms use the "natural" and "cinema" modes. You can choose to suit your taste and the content.

  • Dynamic For use in bright rooms. Brightest, I am reproduces shadow tones well.
  • Living For use in bright rooms. This is a clear picture that is sharp, bright.
  • Natural For use in a dark room. Colour adjustment, we recommend that you make from this mode.
  • Stage For playing video, such as a stage in a dark room.
  • Cinema Enjoy a concert video or movie in a dark room.
  • 3D dynamic 3D bright images with greater modulation than 3D cinema.
  • 3D cinema Projecting 3D.

The switching of the high / low switch, brightness is available in each color mode.

Adjustment of the lamp power to match the screen size by This has been made possible.

Custom gamma adjustment

While looking at the gamma adjustment graph or image that project onto, such as adjustment to reduce overexposure and tone of dark, fine adjustment is possible.

Custom gamma adjustment is Selected by the pointer in the image.

Adjustment of hue, saturation and brightness

Of 6-axis R (red), G (green), B (blue), C (cyan), M (magenta), Y (yellow) "hue (color only)", "saturation (Bright)," "brightness ( You can adjust it to suit your own position) "brightness.

Color adjustment of skin

The adjustable fine-grained color of skin tones.

Advanced Sharpness

In addition to the traditional sharpness adjustment, you can adjust sharpness that specifies the fine and coarse part part. As a result, it is possible or clarify and coat of animal hair or of the person, to emphasize the perspective to soften the view of the back.

Absolute color temperature

I can adjust the overall tint of the image. The image becomes bluish when I make a high value, the image becomes reddish possible with low value.

Adjustment of RGB (offset gain)

Respectively, and (gain) the bright areas (offset) and dark areas of R (red) G (green) B (for blue), the brightness of the image. + Bright, if you (right) side - it will be darker if you (left) side.

Picture-in Picture

TW8200 Picture in Picture

To project images from two sources by displaying the (small screen size) sub-screen in the (large screen) main screen.

You can use it while watching the main picture, such as checking the sub-image.

(Note) Can't both be 3D video.

Projecting images simultaneously two types from the input source that can be projected are HDMI ® 1 or HDMI ® 2 or WirelessHD ™ ON (w) model only.

Electric lens shutter

TW8200 Lens Cover

It will close automatically when you power off the unit, protecting it from dirt and scratches lens.

HDMI ® link

HDMI ® If AV equipment corresponding to the CEC standard, HDMI will enable operation of play / fast-forward or power on and off in conjunction ® Equipped with a link function. The ability to operate the connected device remote control of the projector in the (self-illuminating), it is convenient for operation in a dark room.

HDMI ® cable clamp

HDMI ® included two cable clamp. HDMI ® to prevent that you secure the cable, plug the connector to be incomplete in the weight of the cable.

Lens Shift

TW8200 is equipped with optical shift with less image degradation.

Range of movement up and down 96%, and 47% left and right.

(Note) It is not possible to shift the maximum value to both the left and right and up and down the screen.

(Note) The above figure is an image diagram showing a lens shift range. Unlike the scale of the projection distance of fact, the projection angle is different from the actual angle.

EH-TW8200W/EH-TW8200 shortest projection distance = about 2.4m / maximum projection distance = about 5m


2.1 times zoom lens making possible to move the location with a width of about 3.3m in the longitudinal direction in type 100 by the deployment of 2.1 times zoom lens, the degree of freedom of the installation position of the projector spreads.

Vertical keystone distortion correction

In the projection from the position of the upper and lower is the ability to correct the square easy to see the screen that reflects to the screen. Because it is possible to adjust image distortion in the vertical direction of the screen, even if it can not installed horizontally projector, it is possible to project a legible screen without distortion.

Wireless with no video degradation (Note below, W version only) 

EH-TW8200W corresponds to WirelessHD ™. Connect to players such as the WirelessHD ™ transmitter included, and received by the receiver of the built-in data obtained by radio mosquitoes.

Play wirelessly without full HD video also deteriorate.

Is released from the cable connection of the body, the degree of freedom of establishment is not only high, it can be realized theater beautiful and neat little wiring.

Wireless HD ™ transmitter

WirelessHD ™ transmitter, HDMI of five systems ® equipped with an input terminal. Equipped with an optical digital output terminal of one system, 5.1ch output is possible with optical digital output terminal via. The HDMI 1 system ® and comes equipped with output terminal, when you do not want to use the projector, such as a pass-through to the TV is possible. In addition, HDMI of WirelessHD ™ Transmitter and Micro USB terminal of smartphones and tablets ® cable input terminal (Note) By connecting, and corresponds to the MHL ™ capable of high-speed transmission. I can be projected by the projector remains of high-quality videos, etc. taken by smartphones and tablets.

(Note) MHL ™ cable is not included.

Switching of video source

You can switch between the video source of the AV devices connected to the WirelessHD ™ transmitter. When you switch, it is possible to preview displayed together on a single screen each input video source, HDMI to multiple devices ® even if you are connected, you can switch the input easily.

The front air intake and exhaust to allow the installation in small areas

Because it is a front intake and exhaust, it can also be installed to be closer to the wall or in a bookcase etc.

Installation to ceiling

You can use the metal ceiling suspension (ceiling mount) to permanently install the TW8200 to the ceiling. 

Center lens design

In consideration of the placement of the hanging in heaven, and adopted a center lens design. Center of the screen and projector so match, design and installation is made smoothly, you will design a symmetrical appearance is beautiful after installation.

Test pattern display

The test pattern that can be displayed without connecting video equipment, immediately after installation, you can use when you adjust the projection position and zoom-focus adjustment.

But don't just take our word for it! projectorcentral winner

"If you're looking for a powerful home theater projector that is great for both 2D and 3D video, it's hard to go wrong with this one."

"for the money nothing exceeds its picture quality. This top video performer is backed by Epson's excellent warranty program, which itself is hard to beat. For do-it-yourselfers, the value is outstanding."
- ProjectorCentral

"The Epsons look pretty great out of the box and calibrate beautifully, producing about as accurate a picture as we get to see."
-, August 17, 2014

Note the TW8200 is called the 5030UB (basically the same thing) outside AU.

Quick Specifications EPSON TW 8200 (W) Home Theatre Projector


PRICE of EPSON EH TW8200 Projector at AIM

  •  2400 Lumens
  • 600,000:1 CR

  • 2 X HDMI

  • 1 X RGB

  • 22 DB Noise level

  • Size 466mm×395mm×140mm

Full Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model number EH-TW8200W EH-TW8200
LIGHT ENGINE Method 3LCD system
LCD panel size (diagonal) 0.74-inch wide polysilicon TFT LCD panel (16:9)
LCD panel number of pixels (width × height × number of sheets) 1920 × 1080 × 3
(Brightness of white) effective light beam 2,400 lm (maximum)
(Brightness of color) light flux 2,400 lm (maximum)
Contrast ratio 600,000:1 (Note 1)
Color reproducibility Full 10bit color processing (about 1.07 billion colors) Note Some 12bit processing
(W × D × H) Dimensions 466mm × 395mm × 140mm
Mass About 8.6kg About 8.4kg
Projection lens 2.1 times manual zoom focus lens F :2.3-3 .6 f :22.5-47 .2 mm
Projection size (diagonal) Type 30 to 300 type
Video input terminalS 3RCA (Component), mini D-Sub15pin, HDMI ® × 2,1 RCA
Control input terminal RS-232C, trigger out, USB type B (Note 2)
Video signal 
corresponding resolution
480i 60Hz, 480p 60Hz, 720p 60Hz, 1080i 60Hz, 60Hz 1080P, 1080P 24 Hz (Note 3) , 1080P 30Hz (Note 3) , NTSC / SECAM / PAL
RGB signal 
corresponding resolution
SXGA (Note 4) , WXGA (Note 4) , XGA (Note 4) , SVGA (Note 4) , VGA
3D Ready Frame Packing (Note 5) , side-by-side, top and bottom (Note 5)
Noise level 22dB (minimum)
Light source 230W (E-TORL) UHE lamp
Operation temperature 35 ℃ (non-condensing) 5 ℃ ~
Power AC100V ~ 240V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption (Power Consumption "high" / standby) 350W/0.24W (Note 7)
Included items Power cord (3.0m) / illuminated remote control (with battery) / HDMI ® cable clamp (2 pcs) / 3D Glasses set / manual / warranty
WirelessHD ™ Transmitter set (HDMI ®cable with 2.0m), interface cover USB charging AC power adapter set

Notes about the communication range of EH-TW8200W

And wireless communication distance varies, depending on the material and arrangement of furniture and walls. This distance is an estimate.

• The machine (projector) does not correspond to the communication through walls. Please be installed in a place which is not blocked, such as on wooden shelf, a radio wave from the front WirelessHD transmitter. 

In addition, there is a radio communication that becomes unstable under the influence of metal Exposure to metal shelves.

Antenna is built into the front of each WirelessHD transmitter and the unit (projector). 

Please install it face-to-face the (front) antenna position. Please make sure that you place near the WirelessHD Transmitter and (projector) this unit, other projector is not operating in the vicinity.

• Depending on the reception sensitivity, and maintain the connection is dropped automatically the color information of the image so that the image is not interrupted. 

Screen Sizes (cm)

(W ×)
Of approximately 
projection distance (L)
Of approximately 
offset value (Note 1)
A = B
Shortest (Wide) Up to (Tele) Wide = Tele
60 type 133x75 177 380 34
80 type 177x100 238 508 46
100 type 221x125 298 636 57
120 type 266x149 359 764 68
150 type 332x187 450 956 85
200 type 443x249 601 1276 114
300 type 664x374 903 1915 171

 Width is measured from top left to bottom right corner (diagonally)