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Epson seems to again rule Home Cinema Projectors in 2014 with Q2 started they are well in front in numbers.

The only real compitition in home cinema (and it's solid) is the Panasonic PT AE8000
Home Cinema projector
continue sell to the buyer that seems to do a lot of reseach... 

Epson are selling a lot of TW5200 Projectors their fairly new full 1080 HD 3LCD projector
for the Gaming / entry level home cinema market.

Epson's EH TW5200 home cinema / gaming projector

Up till now BenQ have had the lion's share of the market but now 3LCD is in the same price range as their single chip DLP projectors
(with the associated trade-offs) so we think the TW5200 will be a great seller for Epson.

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The largest selling home cinema projectors brands all use 3LCD

3-lcd projectors 


When it comes to projector technology, image quality 3LCD is the hallmark of excellence.  When powerful images are a must, so is a 3LCD projector.  Projectors that use 3LCD technology are easy on the eyes because they reproduce beautiful images in bright, natural colours with smooth motion and no colour break-up.

  • Both projector models below use the popular Epson 3LCD light engine.


EPSON TW 8100 9100

Epson's TW 8100 3D Projector set the standard in value home cinema


Panasonic's AE8000 carries on from the 5 Start AE7000 as the gold standard


3LCD is the technology that powers the majority of all education & business...

Bright 3-LCD colours Bright Images

Because 3LCD projectors continuously project Red, Green and Blue colours, images are bright and colourful. Our internal testing established that Epson 3LCD projectors consistently yielded brighter Red, Green and Blue colours than 1-Chip DLP™* projectors with similar lumens ratings. Every colour is faithfully reproduced by 3LCD projectors with dynamic brightness, vibrant and accurate colours that breathe life into any presentation, whether for high profile business seminars, movies or the latest gaming console. 3LCD projectors take image quality to its natural best.

The Luminance of Colours

Maximum brightness ( i.e. lumen level indicated on brochures ) is measured by projecting a 100% full white pattern image to a screen. However, in a true presentation scenario, images with colour are projected, meaning that the true lumens of each colour is extremely vital in such situations.

3LCD projectors can project a very wide range of colours. Smooth movement in the microscopic liquid crystals in LCD panels allows for natural colour changes, especially in darker parts of images. Conversely, due to limited gradation of darker shades, many 1-Chip DLP™* projectors cannot faithfully reproduce subtle colour changes, resulting in a visual distraction called "Dither Noise". This is not an issue with 3LCD projectors.

Gentle on the Eyes

3LCD projectors reproduce images that are easy on the eyes. These images will not have colour break-up (or "rainbow effect"), which may be seen with 1-Chip DLP™* projectors. The "rainbow effect" is a result of colour sequential technology which can be distracting to viewers. In short, with 3LCD projectors, you will be sure of thoroughly amazing, enjoyable images.

Smooth Motion

3LCD projectors use three separate liquid crystal panels - Red, Green and Blue - to form a continuous image containing all colours. This means that even rapid motion video will appear smooth. With 1-Chip DLP™* projectors, viewers may see multiple lines or blurry images in rapid motion video.

High Reliability

3LCD projectors use no moving parts in the light control system, which makes it highly reliable over many years of operation.

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